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Copyright notice

The copyright notice that appears in every page footer is taken from MediaWiki:Copyright.

Editing help

I've installed a link to the Mediawiki web site as the 'editing help' link on each edit page. That site gives a useful summary with examples of the markup you can use on pages. -- Mike


Fuller documentation can be found on the page SSMJ:How it works and on the documentation pages of various templates.

The ribbon

The list of items in the 'ribbon' below the top banner is defined by the page Template:Ribbon. Use the {{RibbonLink}} template to ensure the links are formatted properly. Because the banner appears on every page, it takes a little time for changes to be shown; if your changes don't show up after a few minutes, contact Mike and he'll try to poke things along.

Quick links

The contents of the 'Quick Links' section on the left are defined by the page Template:QuickLinks. Adding or removing the search box is done by editing MediaWiki:Ssmj.css.


The page MediaWiki:Breadcrumbs and the categories listed under Category:Navigation categories determine the 'breadcrumb trail' showed in the left sidebar.

Here's a bit more about how breadcrumbs work. The breadcrumb trail shown in the left panel under Navigation consists of a trail followed by the name of the page itself. Related pages will share the same trail, while naturally having different names at the end of the trail. The MediaWiki:Breadcrumbs page contains one rule for each group of pages that share the same trail; one of these rules (for pages specifically about the Meadow Lane site) is written like this:

This rule names a category, NavGroup MeadowLane, and gives the corresponding trail. To make that trail appear for the relevant pages, it's necessary to put each of them into the corresponding category. This is done by putting the category link text, [[Category:NavGroup MeadowLane]], somewhere on the page -- by convention, at the end. Every page that is part of the breadcrumb system should have a category link like this, although there is a default rule that applies the trail 'Welcome >' to pages that lack a navigation category.

The special page Special:UncategorizedPages can help to identify pages that don't have a navigation category, but it doesn't list pages that have been placed in another category for a different reason.

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